Help your clients build value while you're coaching them to success.


ValuePath Plus was developed as a business value enhancement tool for Coaches and Advisors. It allows you to help business owners increase the value of their business— so when it's time to sell, they are best positioned to receive the highest return.


What can ValuePath Plus do for you?

Add a new Service Offering to your coaching arsenal

Quantify the benefit your coaching brings to each client

Enhance Client Retention and Attract New, Larger Clients

Create Recurring Revenue with valuation updates and related coaching

Provide a proactive, outbound business development tool

Create an entry point for succession or exit planning services

Provide a systematic process for delivering value-based coaching services

How You Can Use ValuePath Plus to Increase Revenues in Your Firm.

ValuePath Plus provides a variety of options depending on the level of service your client needs and your interest in extending your engagement.


A benchmark valuation

Your client wants an affordable way to determine the fair market value of their company. Additional coaching not required.

A benchmark report with a value enhancement report

Your client is interested in a longer term strategy to build value. Additional coaching opportunity.

A benchmark valuation, enhancement report, and use of the value forecasting tool

Your client wants to engage with you to help build his company value over time. Additional coaching opportunity.


Pricing for ValuePath Plus

For roughly the price your client would pay for a typical calculation valuation report, they can instead receive the 3 components of ValuePath Plus – a robust calculation report, a company-specific value enhancement report, and the 'real-time' value forecasting tool. Depending on their need, they can also get the benchmark valuation and then choose whether to add the value enhancement report and value forecasting tool separately.

ValuePath Plus provides an excellent platform to support 'value-pricing' initiatives with your clients. As such, we offer ValuePath Plus at wholesale pricing to Coaching firms. What is it worth to a business client if you help them increase their equity year-to-year and move them from the 75% of small companies that don't sell into the 25% that do? Call or email us today for wholesale pricing information.

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Grow your coaching revenues through our outsourced valuation services.

For clients requiring valuations for estate and gift taxes, shareholder transactions, buy-sell agreements, ESOPS or other purposes.

We can provide full 'Conclusion of Value' appraisal reports to your clients at favorable market pricing that meet NACVA professional valuation standards. We'll compensate you for your time and effort in the project at 15% of the valuation price we set with the client, which is determined based on the scope of work required. Your 'efforts' might include providing client company financials and introducing us to the client by email or in a joint call.

Through our strategic alliance, we currently provide outsourced valuations for the clients of many coaching professionals.