No one starts on a journey without a destination in mind.

Once you understand what your company is worth through your benchmark valuation, you can begin implementing your customized value enhancement roadmap to maximize value going forward.

What can ValuePath Plus do for you?

Educate you on what drives value in your company

Identify the specific risks that drain value from your company

Compare your company with others in your industry that have successfully transitioned

Compare your performance in key areas against other competitors in your industry

Provide a view of your business through the eyes of a potential buyer

Start, or improve, your path to a successful exit

Re-align employee efforts with your value enhancement roadmap

ValuePath Plus consists of three components that work together to build value


Business Valuation Report

An affordable business valuation so you can benchmark the value of your company today. A valuation based on professional valuation standards – not just a ballpark estimate or an indicator of how sellable your business might be.


Value Enhancement Report

A company-specific report that gives you clear understanding of how the value of your company was determined, and practical steps to increase that value going forward. This report can set you on a path to improving business performance in the short term and increasing your company's value over the long term.


Value Planning and Forecasting Tool

Designed to show you what the value of your company can become. Used with the Value Enhancement Report, the value forecasting tool is based on 'what-if' scenarios that measure the financial impact that each enhancement step will have on your ownership equity.

Pricing for ValuePath Plus

For roughly the price you would pay for a typical calculation valuation report, you can instead receive the 3 components of ValuePath Plus – a robust calculation report, a company-specific value enhancement report, and the 'real-time' value forecasting tool. Depending on your need, you can also get the benchmark valuation and then choose whether to add the value enhancement report and value forecasting tool separately. Because each business is unique, please contact us directly for further pricing details.

Need a Guide?

You can use ValuePath Plus on your own, or we can connect you with a CPA or Coaching professional who is experienced with implementing ValuePath Plus. We have assembled a nationwide network of over 600 CPAs, coaches, exit planners and advisors to assist you in moving forward and implementing ValuePath Plus.


Ready to learn more?

The ValuePath Plus Information Sheet explains how our solution can provide a roadmap to creating greater value. Fill out the form provided to download a copy.




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