Benchmarking your company’s value is just the first step

Our team is composed of highly skilled and experienced Business Valuation experts, but we believe that valuation is only one piece of the puzzle. Using your business valuation to benchmark where you are today, we will help you determine a customized path to grow that value and achieve the return you truly deserve for your investment.

Business Valuation

A valuation based on professional valuation standards – not just a ballpark estimate or an indicator of how sellable your business might be.
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Value Enhancement

This report can set you on a path to improving business performance in the short term and increasing your company’s value over the long term.
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Value Forecasting

Used with the Value Enhancement Report, our Forecasting Tool uses “what-if” scenarios to show you what the value of your company can become.
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Our Solution to Building Transferable Value?

We designed Valuepath Plus to provide the tools for business owners to
build equity and secure their legacy.


Understand what drives the value of your business.


Identify the risks that reduce your company’s value, and the drivers that increase it.


Implement changes that make your business more attractive to potential buyers.

Make the choice to start moving your business to higher value.


Let’s Go!

What People Have to Say About Equity Valuation Group

  • "EVG was thorough throughout the appraisal process."
    Dr. Ali KiranExametric Inc.
  • "EVG did a thorough and exceptional job for us. The expertise and prompt service they provided helped us meet our short transaction deadline."
    Steve GreenAdvanced Fabrication Tech
  • "The EVG staff was professional and a pleasure to work with. We received a valuation report that was comprehensive and well researched and a high quality product."
    Blake ClarkZMicrosystems, Inc.
  • "The customer service was responsive and the valuation report was invaluable in ending a partnership gone bad."
    Kevin GennermanA/E Scantech
  • "EVG was responsive to our needs and prepared a first class valuation report on time and on budget."
    Peter KoscherAnakam LLC